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Diet is all the food we eat in 24 hours, so we can start using the term daily menu or lifestyle.

1. Write down your goals… words are carried away by the wind. These goals must be realistic, not only in time, but also in their content.

2. Prioritize your needs. What are your needs as a human being?

3. Self-motivate Post positive messages or inspiring phrases.

a. Personal photos, not of other people

b. Screensaver or photo on the fridge

c. Motivation by others

4. Look for an emotional support group, either in self-improvement groups or lead a healthy life change in your own community, without falling into obsession. This support group can be your own family, who joins to cooperate in the preparation of food and in the consumption of it. Therefore, avoid a la carte menu at home.

5. Get active with exercise or physical activity. To begin with, look for a partner who motivates you not to fail in the routine.

a. Do an exercise or sport that does not require large groups or teams

b. Enroll in a gym preferably with a knowledgeable trainer

6. Educate yourself about the benefits of changing your lifestyle, for example, properties of food and its preparation, benefits of exercises in how and where they act.

7. Visualize yourself as you want to be, when you wake up, when you eat, when you bathe, when you exercise and when you take programmed breaths.

8. Set a schedule for meals and exercises, imagine that it is an important appointment like going to the doctor or an appointment with the lawyer.

9. Remove temptations from home:

a. Candies and chips out of sight.

b. Food leftovers should go in the freezer.

c. Avoid buying ice cream or tempting products

d. Organize meals and snacks in advance

e. Go grocery shopping with a full stomach

f. Prepare meals in advance

g. Buy snacks for you and the family that are healthy, this is how we educate the little ones from childhood

10. Reward yourself... but with:

a. Workout clothes or an outfit one size smaller.

b. A book that relaxes you or helps with the cause, such as personal growth.

Remember, if you fall... you get up. If you fall again... you get up again

Buy snacks for you and the family that are healthy, this is how we educate the little ones from childhood

Avoid self-sabotage. that we also call it "I deserve it", "nobody is watching me" "it's just a little bit" "total, see I'm going to die of something"

Investigate recipes that can be used in the process but that are adapted to the family's diet, remember that everyone has different needs

Carolina Lozano


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